Tour De Satpura

19th – 22nd Aug 2017

Tour De Satpura is a fully supported cycling tour through the Satpura hill ranges in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Start Point: Nagpur
End Point: Tawa
Daily Mileage: 80-100 KMs
Total Mileage: 400 KMs (Approx)
Riding Days: 4
Attractions: Mountains, Valleys, wild-life sanctuaries, lakes and Dams.


PATALKOT 19th Aug 2017

Start Point: Ramakona End Point: Tamia
Distance: 97 KMs. Elevation: +1452 m/ -844 m

Start from Nagpur by bus at 6 am. Reach Ramakona at 8 am. After breakfast start ride. Reach Tamia by 2 pm.

The Patalkot is a mystical, horse–shoe shaped valley, spread over an area of 79 Sq. Km and is surrounded by giant hills. ‘Patalkot’ name comes from Sanskrit word “Patal” that means very deep. Patalkot is a home to a tribal culture skilled at using the forest plants to make effective medicines. The Patalkot forest is so well hidden that people on the outside did not even know it ever existed.


PACHMARHI 20th Aug 2017

Start Point: Tamia End Point: Pachmarhi
Distance: 81 KMs Elevation: +1266 m/ -1166 m

Situated at 1100 m, Pachmarhi, popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ (Queen of Satpura), sits beautifully, embellished by nature and history, amidst the Satpura range. Legend says the Pandava brothers visited Pachmarhi during their exile. This most popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh is a treasure with ancient caves of the Buddhist era residing in harmony with serene waterfalls.


MADHAI 21st Aug 2017

Start Point: Pachmarhi End Point: Madhai
Distance: 120 KMs Elevation: +1080 m / -1771 m

About 25 KMs riding in Pachmarhi, after that leave for Madhai. Night Stay in Madhai.

Madhai is located at the entrance of exquisite and beautiful forest – Satpura. Few places in the world can compete with its raw wilderness, absolute tranquillity and the air of mystique. It delights you with its rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending backwaters and spell-binding views that leave you awestruck and get you to be completely in sync with the magic of nature.


TAWA 22nd Aug 2017

Start Point: Madhai End Point: Tawa
Distance: 94 KMs Elevation: +648 m / -640 m

Ride to Tawa via Itarsi. Closing party at Tawa. Night Stay at Tawa Dam & Reservoir.

The Tawa Dam & Reservoir offers a scenic escape from the hustle bustle of city life. It is set amidst lush greenery, and offers much scope for adventure. Sunsets viewed from the dam are especially enchanting. Even more enchanting is the lake cruise, which takes you on a serene hour-long ride along the dreamy little islands dotting the reservoir and the panoramic hills of the Satpura to Churna.